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Chicago Board of Education votes to shut down 50 ‘underutilized’ schools

Published May 24, 2013 by debrabellink

nearly 50 schools to be shuttered is a shameful national tragedy. this story should be the top story after the Oklahoma disaster. for children to be turned away from schools helps no one. the only part of our population where these closings will not be felt will be the wealthy and their children. it sickens me, and I don’t believe there is no where for money to be raised somehow in the united states to keep Chicago schools open. after all haven’t we been pounding out for years ‘OUR CHILDREN NEED TO LEARN’ here are kids who want to learn and the plug has been pulled on them. what now? alcohol, drugs, trouble, jail, no job, and probably many will have mental health problems. what the hell is the matter with conservative republicans. these kids are our future. are you so cheap and selfish that you care not even for our children. some of you won’t allow money for the tragedy in Oklahoma. shame on you, shame, shame, republicans.