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Tea Party Religious Trist with Sharia ?

Published July 5, 2014 by debrabellink

Tea Party Religious Trist with Sharia ?.


Tea Party Religious Trist with Sharia ?

Published July 5, 2014 by debrabellink

A time of lamentation has brought me to blog these thoughts.  I feel that for my own emotional as well as mental health it would be healthy for me to vomit this out to the blogosphere, and get it out of my being.

I find the religious goings on in the Evangelical Right Wing Republican party to be nothing less than a beginning to the ripping apart of the fabric of what the United States represents and has represented since it’s founding.  There were reasons why our founding fathers separated religion from government and gave us freedom FROM other religions whose believers might want to hijack the wall between religion and personal private lives of those who might not practice or believe in that particular religion, or that particular god.

In my life, which has not been a short one, I do not remember a division among Americans as there is right now. the division cuts in multiple ways ; class, race, political party, religion, rich, poor, young and old.  

I believe it is a fact, and of course these are my own beliefs and opinions, that there can be no compromise with those on the right.  they seem to be stiff necked, stubborn, and quite frankly hateful and uncaring, particularly uncaring of their fellow Americans who might not have the same advantages as they do.    all the United States has to offer has become a money grab…  college, food, roads, school, nutritional school lunches are even under fire.     what has become of the fact that we used to look out for the other American backs…   we used to look out for each other.   Now , even when a natural disaster befalls a state, which happens to be a ‘blue’ state, the reds don’t want to give disaster help.   what is happening to us… are we red against blue?

It behooves me greatly to see the hyper-religiosity on the right.  and it does feel a bit uncomfortable as I read news pieces where judges on state supreme courts want to turn America into a theocracy.  wouldn’t that be just as though we have invited the Arabs here to show us their Sharia law?    that is what a theocracy is.

our ancestors came to this country to have the right to worship in freedom and peace.  what will we tell them and how can we honor them if we turn this country into a theocratic fascist state?   

You who do these things should be embarrassed, and hang your heads in shame for the men and women who have fought battles all over the world, those who have died, spilled blood so we could all have the America they knew they were fighting for. 

why bother the fight, especially now in the middle east against ISIS….  you on the right seem to be in cahoots with them…  it is the same.  theocracy…a Christian united states and ISIS Islamic  caliph. sharia?   and the right wing…  God, I never thought I would see this day, and I have to say….. I am glad I am not young anymore.  My concern now is for my children and grandchildren.


thank you for taking the time to read.