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BoB Jones Get A Grip

Published June 21, 2014 by debrabellink

A woman is always a target for those who do not understand the female sexual being.  It is hard to believe that anyone in this day and age, except of course if one is susceptible  to sharia law, to understand how anyone can be so undeniably stupid as to think a woman who is raped was ‘asking for it”,  or even worse, has committed a sin which brought this horror upon herself.  Sounds insane doesn’t it.  Well that is exactly what the Jones church has said to a girl who was raped just the other day.  She was told to pray, for if this happened to her than there must have been some sin that she herself committed to have been raped…

So, then it stands to reason that the rapist is forgiven, but his victim is praying and is forever reminded of some terrible sin that she committed to have gotten herself raped….. what in the world, the sin world, could be so bad as to call upon oneself such an act of defilement to a young woman??