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Religious beliefs are scooping at the bottom of the Cliffs of Freedom

Published July 18, 2013 by debrabellink

In this country, abortion still is safe and legal. However, to look into the columns of newspapers, or to listen to news from television outlets, one would think abortion was not yet legal, but being debated.
the truth is abortion is being debated, and it is legal, so the question remains, why debate something which is already a law.
backwards. that is the word. the perfect word for the teapublicans. I don’t know that there is a republican party anymore. it has morphed into something which has no feelings, no hearts. almost like a sy fi flick, you know the ones, where the aliens take over the town, the cops, and I quess the politicians.
number one on todays blotter is Virginia Gov, Mcdonell, or gov. ultra sound. He is a monsterous display of hypocritical decadence. the gov also loves women. oh yes, he loves women so much he wants us all to be treated with the utmost indignity. no, that’s not a mistake. the word is indignity, if there be a worse word then fill it right in its place.
New health regulations are forcing the closure of many women’s clinics. the closures are due to having the wrong spaces in parking lots as well as bad hallways inside the clinics., now what these no nos have to do with women’s health care is way over my head, and i’m sure it goes way over yours as well.. ya think? the health commissioner Cynthia c. romero resigned, because, she said, ” of the extreme health care law faux pas” the state health board was apparently bullied into passing the health laws.
back to righteous Cynthia, she is now renting the gov’s house, probably very comfortably one would think. so, job or no job cyn is sitting pretty.

Mr mcdonell please, before the egg on your face gets so thick you’ll need a chisel to get it off, resign my friend, resign.